All children are currently eligible to receive 15 hours of government funding over 38 weeks in the term following their third birthday. This is increased to 30 hours of government funding to all eligible children.  Scribbles offers this with the following sessional options and is subject to availability:

Option 1 (Over 38 weeks)

9 am to 12pm and/or 1 pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. Does not include any food other than snack. Lunch can be provided at an additional costs. Please enquire for details.

Option 2 (Over 50 weeks)

Minimum of 2 full days each week (or 3 days if claiming 30 hours) from 8 am to 6 pm, providing 22.8 hours of free childcare over 50 weeks.  Fees are charged for the remaining 7.5 hours a week, the 12 weeks of the year not funded, food and extra-curricular activities.

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