It is of paramount importance to us here at Scribbles that the children, parents and staff feel at home in our safe and caring environment. This page details the measures we are taking to protect the Scribbles family against the corona-virus, as well as guidance and information for parents in how to help the nursery be as safe an environment as possible!

Helping to Keep Happy and Healthy!

We recognise that this is a difficult time for young children; it may be difficult to understand why cannot hug our loved ones, or why our parents are suddenly home all the time! At Scribbles, we are aware that some children may be suffering at this time and we are supporting children’s well-being through activities at nursery and offering resources for families at home!

In Aardvarks, we have been sending hugs to loved ones who we can’t see at the moment! We traced around ourselves and painted ourselves giving a big hug to send! We have been making masks to wear to the shops and making our own pencil cases to keep our stuff tidy and clean! We like to sing songs like this one while we wash our hands to make keeping ourselves healthy fun.